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The New Creative Retirement - How to Prepare Financially & Emotionally    

Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort."

Franklin D. Roosevelt

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CD'S 3 & 4! Live Well, Debt Free
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Self-directed audio instructional program includes four CD'S more than three and half hours of motivating, simple, easy to use practical empowering information. Complete with individualized learning modules, free tools and services. Includes Creative Retirement Planning Quick - Start Guide. The New Creative Retirement CD'S are only available to attendees of one of Mr. O'Keefe's complimentary online seminars.

The New Creative Retirement - How to Live Well, Debt Free                                               

What you'll Learn:

*How to Achieve Happiness in Retirement

*How to Find Your Muse (s)

*How to Reshape Your Retirement Plan

*How to Determine Where to Live in Retirement

*How to Develop Your Budget

*How to Balance Your Monthly Checkbook

*How to Balance Your Lifetime Checkbook

*How to Best Purchase Mortgages & Automobiles

*How to Negotiate and Pay off Credit Card Debt

*How to Best Manage College Education Costs

*How to Save & Invest for Retirement

*How to Manage your Credit Score

*How to Prevent Identity Theft

*How to be Emotionally Prepared for Retirement

*How to be an Effective Care Giver

*How to be Physically Fit in Retirement

*How to Develop and Maintain Friendships in Retirement

*How to Set Goals, Create the Life you want in Retirement


The New Creative Retirement    CD 1 30 minutes

How to Prepare Financially & Emotionally

1.        Introduction to Creative Retirement Planning

        * Importance of Performing Creative Work

2.        How to Find Your Muse (s)
* Profiles of Retirees Performing Creative Work   

The New Creative Retirement  CD 2 71 minutes

How to Reshape Your Retirement Plan

1.      Where to Live in Retirement
* Care Giving
* Identity Theft Prevention
* The Importance of Friendship
* Fitness in Retirement
       * Emotional Preparedness for Retirement

2.        How to Reshape Your Retirement Plan

3.        Pain on Main Street
* Realistic Inflation Calculations

4.     Importance of Flexible Frugality

        * Profiles of Retirees with Frugal Faucets

The New Creative Retirement  CD 3
45 minutes

How to Live Well, Debt Free

1.        Radio Show Excerpt - Motivational

2.        Employment in Today’s Economy   
3.        How to Develop Your Budget

        *Negotiate, Pay Off Credit Card Debt  
        *College Tuition Costs Management

The New Creative Retirement  CD 4 75 minutes

How to Live Well, Debt Free - Put Your Financial House in Order

1.        Complete  your Life-time Checklist
         * Steps to Success

2.        Mortgage & Automobile Purchases

3.        How to Balance Your Monthly Checkbook

4.        Saving & Investing

5.        Manage your Credit Score

6.        How to Achieve Happiness in Retirement

7.        Living Well Today and Tomorrow 

Goal Setting                      


Benefit from a one hour private coaching session with Roger O'Keefe via phone. Quickly develop your "Creative Retirement Plan". Utilize Roger O'Keefe's insights to create the life you want for yourself in retirement. After your coaching session receive your personalized action plan summarizing Roger's recommendations aimed at helping you achieve your goals. All coaching sessions are 100% guaranteed confidential?



Practice your escape from America's Debt System playing a fun and exciting board game. Discover how life events impact your ability to balance your "Lifetime Checkbook" and practice overcoming obstacles. Practice making your escape. This life finances game simulates real life financial experiences. "The Game" provides players with the extra bit of confidence often needed to escape America's Debt System. Great family fun and an excellent learning experience for young adults and adults alike.

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